Fraud detection

by TransactionLink
This app leverages our in-house machine learning algorithm to help you identify fraudulent bank accounts.
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This app lets you employ our machine learning algorithm to better detect fraudulent behaviours, accounts and transactions. You can use it for free for any project.

We believe that providing security to your customers and your business is of upmost importance. We appreciate that using our platform requires a fair dose of trust from youself and we want to pay back to our customers and community. We want any (and all) project on TransactionLink to have access to high quality anti-fraud measures. We also believe that all members of the platform can collectively benefit from contributing and using this app to serve a need that is beyond any kind of competition - prevent fraud and financial crime.

This app relies on our community of projects and apps to contribute banking data. Our team works on providing, expanding and maintaining the algorithm, but we do need bank account data to have it adjust to ever new ways of committing fraud. We do not use the data you provide for any other purpose than training our models.

You can use this app in two modes - either opting in for sharing your customers' banking data, or not. We do not, and never will, force you to run your customers' banking data through our app, and you will always be able to use it to prevent fraud in your project, free of charge. We do however encourage you to share the data to make the algorithm work better for yourself, and all members of the platform.

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How it works with TransactionLink

Fraud detection works with all core products:

If your app pulls customer's identity data, the app can perform a validity check. The app checks publicly available data sources and online identity generators. You can supplement identity fraud detection mechanisms by connecting other apps available on the marketplace (public registries, credit bureaus, etc.).

The app detects suspicious transaction history, or flags insufficient data to decide. The app can also flag suspicious transactions that may be attempted in your project.

The app may detect suspicious account balance patterns in time.

See it in action

You can connect all the data you pull from a customer's bank account to this app. The app will work in the background for all your API calls and will add a single entry in output, providing an estimate for probability of dealing with a fraudulent account.
                Input data
"{ // Typical customer data "name": "John", "surname" : "Smith", "address" : "46 Bloomfield Lane", "postCode": "CB1 7AL", "transactions": // Full transaction list would appear here }"
                    Output data
                    // Run Now to see example response
                    Output data
                      "fraud": "1%", // Probability of fraudulent account
                      "name": "John",
                      "surname" : "Smith",
                      "address" : "46 Bloomfield Lane",
                      "postCode": "CB1 7AL",
                      "transactions":  // Full transaction list would appear here


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