by Biuro Informacji Kredytowej
Poland's biggest credit bureau, including credit information on individuals and companies.



This API is a simple connector to BIK's credit scoring database.

BIK (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej) is a polish credit bureau and holds credit scoring data for over 25M Poles. It keeps a log of liabilities of individuals and companies. BIK works with all polish banks to aggregate and provide data about credit risk and fraudulent accounts.

Use this API to verify your customers' credit score with a single API request.

Regional availability


Contact details

Phone: +48 22 310 44 44


How it works with TransactionLink

BIK API uses 1 core product to operate:

BIK API required national ID number or company number to be able to scan it's database for credit score. You can pull that data from a customer's account and feed it to the BIK API app to get a response.

See it in action

After you pull identity data, it gets automatically fed to the BIK API app. In return you get a detailed history of customer's liabilities and an overall scoring assigned by BIK.
                Input data
"{// Data pulled through Identity product "name": "Marek", "surname" : "Nowak", "address" : "Prosta 16", "postCode": "00-003", "nationalID" : "90112102434" // National ID is required for individual accounts }"
                    Output data
                    // Run Now to see example response
                    Output data
                      "BIKscore" : "87", // out of 100
                      "liabilities" : {
                      "creditLine" : "14000",
                      "leasing" : "40000",
                      "accountDebit" : "12000",
                      "mortgage" : "120000"


Plan name Details Price
BIK account setup Account setup is required to get started with BIK API. 0zł
Package 12 BIK reports to be used within a year from package activation. Every additional report costs 4.99zł. 79zł
Test Package One BIK report for you to test the functionality. Every additional report costs 36zł. 1.23zł
No package You can use BIK API without purchasing a package. You pay for every individual report. 36zł
Additional fees If you decide to choose a package, you need to get verified. Verification is a one-off event and requires you to present a scan of your national ID card. 1zł



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