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Use this API to notify your users when their bills are due, and pay them with just a single tap.
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BillTech offers a unique API that lets you easily import any customer's bills. We currently work with 300+ utility providers and telecoms in Poland.

In order to call our API, a customer needs to select one or more of our providers in your app. You then parse the selection to our API together with customer's identity data (see documentation for exact list of identity data required). In return, we search for active bills in our partners' databases and return relevant entries back to you, including due dates, amount and brief description. We also provide you with an account number assigned to the customer.

We support TransactionLink's payment initiation. You can call our endpoint to make a payment to a provider and we will automatically update the bill status. See more in our plugin documentation.

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How it works with TransactionLink

BillTech API uses 2 core products:

Lets you pull identity data out of customers bank accounts to automatically import their bills. The customer will first need to select their providers before identity data can be transfered.

Allows you to trigger a payment request in app.

See it in action

BillTech API takes a few simple inputs in json format. We need some basic identity data to identify a user at a provider you parsed in your request. In return, we send back a full list of bills at that particular provider, starting from the date indicated in your request. The bills hence include paid bills, as well as those that are due. You can specify usage limits, indicating if we should send you any new bills that appear at the provider, or if you just want to see the bills available at a given moment.
                Input data
"{ // name, surname, address pulled out from user's bank account "name": "Jan", "surname": "Nowak", "addressCity": "Krakow", "addressPostCode": "30-012", "provider": "innogy", // Provider needs to be sent in request "scopeTimeLimit": "2019-08-20T09:49:29.917Z", "usageLimit": "multiple" }"
                    Output data
                    // Run Now to see example response
                    Output data
                   "{ // List of bills from innogy
                      "bills": {
                      "bill1": {
                      "title": "Prognoza zużycia 22318868002",
                      "id": "48736799",
                      "amount": "39.99",
                      "currency": "PLN",
                      "status": "due",
                      "statusTimestamp": "22.09.2020"}


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