Credit Scoring

by Sir Analyst
Turn labelled transaction data into credit risk insights. Applicable to individuals (see other app for business credit scoring solution).
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This API takes in raw and labelled transaction data and returns an estimated credit default risk for the data set.

We are technology and data oriented start-up created by people with multinational financial industry background. With executive experience in companies with 250+ million EURO in assets. Our team consists of highly experienced risk & collection managers, database & statistic experts and business analysis professionals with wide network of high quality data analysts.

To get this API to work, you will need to feed in labelled transaction data. This app works best with our Data Labelling app you can find on the marketplace.

Please note that this app works only for individual's account.

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How it works with TransactionLink

Credit Scoring app works with labelled transaction data. You will need to use a data labelling app from the marketplace (you can use our Data Labelling app for that), or can feed your own labelled data. In the latter case, you will need to follow the data input format.

Please note that the Credit Scoring app does not require any TransactionLink's core products to operate correctly, although it is advisable to do so. You can feed in labelled data from any other source or having done your own data labelling.

See it in action

The input is an entire transaction list with data labels assigned to each transaction. Please note, that failure to include data labels will result with an error. Incomplete, or inaccurate labels may result in further errors or inaccurate results. To ensure that the credit risk algorithm understands your labels, please refer to the labels dictionary you can find in the admin panel and app documentation.

Please note, that there are minimums on the number of transactions required to run the credit algorithm correctly. Please refer to the app's documentation.

The output of the app is an estimated default risk, together with probability parameters.
                Input data
"{ "transactions": {"tr1": { "amount": 2.45, "bookingDate": "2020-02-21", "sideName": "Bet365", "label": "gambling" // Label for tr1 }, "tr2" : { "amount": 1122.00, "currency": "EUR", "sideName": "Amazon GmbH", "label": "online_shopping" // Label for tr2 } } }"
                    Output data
                    // Run Now to see example response
                    Output data
                      "defaultRisk": "4%",
                      "stdDev": ".2%",
                      "accuracy": ".5%"


This connection charges a per-request fee. Exact pricing may be set on an individual basis. Please refer to TransactionLink admin panel to learn more.


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