Data Labelling

by Sir Analyst
Turn raw transaction data into labelled items. Labels include: gambling, income, employment type and more.
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Our API lets you use one of Poland's top labelling engine that we developed in-house. Feed raw transaction data to receive accurate data labels for each transaction.

We are technology and data oriented start-up created by people with multinational financial industry background. With executive experience in companies with 250+ million EURO in assets. Our team consists of highly experienced risk & collection managers, database & statistic experts and business analysis professionals with wide network of high quality data analysts.

You can easily feed data pulled via TransactionLink Transactions product through our app.

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Phone: +48 696 483 228


How it works with TransactionLink

Data Labelling uses 1 core product:

TransactionLink's Transactions product pulls raw banking data from user's account. The data is clean but does not indicate certain categories of transactions. This app analyses the raw data and assigns a label to each transaction.

See it in action

The labels can be returned either as a new field in the raw transaction json file, or as a new json simply returning the label. You can vary the fields you want to return with each label. See example below for details.
                Input data
"{ // Fields to be returned with labels "fieldsReturn": ["amount", "sideName", "bookingDate"], // Raw transactions pulled out from user's bank account "transactions": {"tr1": { "amount": 2.45, "bookingDate": "2020-02-21", "currency": "EUR", "sideName": "Bet365" ...}, "tr2" : { "amount": 1122.00, "bookingDate": "2020-02-23", "currency": "EUR", "sideName": "Amazon GmbH" ...} } }"
                    Output data
                    // Run Now to see example response
                    Output data
                      "transactions": {"tr1": {
                        "amount": 2.45,
                        "bookingDate": "2020-02-21",
                        "sideName": "Bet365",
                        "label": "gambling" // Label for tr1
                      "tr2" : {
                        "amount": 1122.00,
                        "currency": "EUR",
                        "sideName": "Amazon GmbH",
                        "label": "online_shopping" // Label for tr2
                      } }


This connection charges a per-request fee. Exact pricing may be set on an individual basis. Please refer to TransactionLink admin panel to learn more.


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