Graphs library

by Lukas Klinser
Select from a library of beautiful graphs and charts for your project.
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Hi, my name is Lukas and I love to design beautiful and useful things. I made a library of pie charts you can choose from for your PFM app. Stay tuned, as I will be updating them any day!

Please feel free to choose from the interactive graphs I created for the community to use. Hope you enjoy them!

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How it works with TransactionLink

Graphs library uses 1 TransactionLink's core product:

The raw transaction data needs to go through a data labelling app in order to work correctly. The graphs do not always work in a predictable manner if fed raw transaction data.


The Graphs Library app is free for everyone to use! Please do let me know what you think in the app comments - this will be the best reward for me!


Stunning design ❤️

"The graphs work like a charm. No lags, very responsive, beautiful transitions. I cannot recommed more!"

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